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Please Read..., specializes in getting your traffic warrants lifted.  We are a law firm that will keep you out of  jail, with warrants lifted 7 days a week 24 hours day.  Our skilled traffic attorneys will also defend you in court on your traffic citation. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving traffic warrant clients the attention they deserve.

Below you will find our terms and conditions and contract for our services. If you're ready to have your traffic warrant lifted, fill out the form, agree to our terms, and get started today!


Please Read & Accept

This agreement is between You ("Client") and CRAIG WATKINS ("Attorney"), Attorney at Law.


1. Client hereby employs CRAIG WATKINS for representation in the matter of State of Texas v.  (You, Client), wherein Client is charged with the offense of A TRAFFIC TICKET CITATION AND WARRANT.


2. In consideration of the representation provided by Attorney in this case, Client agrees to pay a fee as set out below:


Client agrees to pay a fee of $100.00, PER TRAFFIC WARRANT payable now.


3. It is expressly agreed and understood that the above fee does not include:


a. Any appeal which may be taken to a higher Court;

b. A retrial of the case if, for any reason, the case must be retried.


4. It is expressly agreed and understood that the above fee does include:


a. A preliminary investigation into the facts and circumstances of the case, legal research, and advice to Client regarding the case;

b. A plea of guilty or no contest to the charges or to some lesser included offense that disposes of the charges;

c. Preparing for and defending Client in a trial before a jury or a Judge on the charges.


5. Attorney may employ experts and investigators to assist in the defense of the case.  All such experts and investigators shall report directly and exclusively to Attorney.

7. Attorney may, at Attorney's discretion, employ associate counsel at no additional charge to Client.


8. Attorney WILL associate with ATTORNEY HENRY CAMPBELL on this matter. Client's execution of this Agreement represents Client's written consent to the following terms of the contract and the association of ATTORNEY:



9. Client agrees to promptly inform Attorney of all changes in Client's address or telephone number, as soon as such changes occur.


10. Client further agrees to keep all appointments with Attorney and, if an unexpected event occurs that prevents Client from keeping any appointment, agrees to immediately notify Attorney when an appointment cannot be kept.


11. Client agrees to attend any and all court dates, court hearings, and other official appearances in connection with the charges in this matter.  Client further agrees to immediately inform Attorney of anything that will prevent Client from attending scheduled court dates or appearances.


12. It is agreed that, in the event payment is not made as specified in this agreement, Attorney may withdraw from representation of Client and will owe no further duty as attorney for Client.  It is further agreed that in the event Client fails to appear for one or more appointments with Attorney or fails to appear on time or fails to appear at all for one or more court appearances or hearings, Attorney may withdraw from representation of Client and will owe no further duty as attorney for Client. Additionally, if Client fails to appear, Client authorizes Attorney to plea traffic citation to the best available outcome.  Notice of intent to withdraw and a copy of any motion to withdraw filed with any court shall be given by email and regular mail.


13. Attorney agrees to use Attorney's best professional judgment in advising Client in regard to this matter.  Attorney further agrees to represent Client to the best of Attorney's ability, within the limits of the law and professional ethics.


14. It is expressly agreed and understood that NO PROMISES OR GUARANTEES as to the outcome of the case have been made to Client by Attorney.  It is further expressly agreed and understood that no other representations have been made to Client, except for those set out in this Employment Contract.


15. Client acknowledges receiving a copy of this Employment Contract on the date